Success today #310


Team Success Today. 

– What determines most of successes is paradigm.  A paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over habitual behavior and almost all our behavior is habitual.  If you are not very productive then you need to learn how to shift your paradigm. 

– Don’t let the history dictate what you do and what you achieve.  Set higher goals than what history say.  You can achieve them. 

-In times of rapid changes,  learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with the world that no longer exists. 

– For one seeking to be an achiever,  there is nothing like learned or educated but there is learning and education. 

– To learn,  we need a certain degree of confidence.  Not too much, not too little.  If we have too little,  we think we can’t learn.  If we have too much,  we think we don’t have to learn.