Success today #308


– People are emotionally unstable and upset because they FAIL TO CONTROL THEIR MIND.  they are allowing someone else to control them.  You can control your emotions and your emotional state. 

– When anything happens,  it is what is accepted.  It is either controlling you or you controlling.  You have the choice.  How I wish you always choose to be the one in control of all situations you are in. 

– Each moment,  become aware of how you are feeling. When you are feeling bad,  it means you are in a negative vibrations state and negative vibrations in the mind attracts negative vibrations only.  When you are thinking negative,  the best the mind can do is see more negative things and produce more negative results.  Be aware of your feelings. Try to always be in a happy and smiley mood😊😊😊 you will be more productive,  happy and grateful.