Success today #304

​Success today.  

-You have the ability to think. You can think anything you want.  That is the educated mind. Your conscious mind has the ability to choose. You can choose whatever you want. You have the ability to choose.  That is Huge power you have. Because you have the ability to choose,  you can accept or reject anything that is going on.  You can accept to sin or reject.  You can accept to succeed or fail.  You can accept to think or have mental activity. 

– Your  subconscious mind can never and will never be able to determine what is real and what is imagined.  It has no ability to reject or accept.  Think about it.  Do you ever imagine of some? Did you know as you imagine the mind – subconscious mind, reads the thought as a reality.  Think about that. 

– Whatever is repeated over and over to the subconscious MUST be expressed in the physical form through you.  This is why the power of suggestions is so powerful. 

– This is actually how hypnosis works.  Someone sets aside your conscious reasoning mind,  gets access to the unthinking subconscious mind and pours in every bit of things they  wish.  Repeating something over and over sets aside the reasoning faculty. 

– It is also key to know,  when you are watching,  you are letting your conscious mind aside.  The subconscious is taking in everything.  Why?  Because the subconscious mind does not know it’s not real.  This is why you must be watching if what you watch in television or movies or read. 

– We are programmed by the paradigms controlling us to leave our mind open,  to let the subconscious mind take control. Why?  Because paradigms are developed when we are young. And when we were young,  we had no choice to reject or accept. Place a kid in a room where people talk in 6 languages.  4 years later,  she will know 6 languages.  Whatever goes on around the baby goes right into the mind.  Whatever goes on in a movies goes on right into your mind.  

– The truth is that the image you have of you was built back when a baby.  You have no idea where what you believe came from.  Good news is,  now, as an adult you have the power to choose.  Power to reprogram your  paradigms,  power to change your  believe system, and your self image you operate on. 

– Today,  think,  choose what is right, take control of your mind and thoughts.  Reject all kinds of negative vibrations and thoughts.