Success today #302

​Characteristics of successful people today. 

1. Self confident and optimistic.  The higher the risks,  the greater the rewards. Someone goes to bank with a toy gun.  If he succeeds,  he will be a millionaire.  You must risk big. 

2. Able to take risks. 

3. Respond positively to challenges. 

4. Flexible and able to adapt. 

5. Let’s learning lead to action,  not knowledge.  Knowledge is potential.  It’s like still water which can’t be used to tap electricity. 

6. Able to get along with others. 

7. Independent mind. Why go to school then you want someone think for you. 

8. Versatile knowledge. 

9. Good networks.  Learn to link with people even outside the country. Know opportunities in Rwanda,  South Africa,  USA,  Philippines. 

10. Take initiative. 

11. Resourceful. 

12. Full of ideas. 

13. Creative and have a foresight. Look ahead.  I repeat,  look ahead