Success today #300

​Success today. 

– Learn to separate time.  Time between majors and minors. Here is something that requires minor time,  here is something that requires major time.  Know what is important and what is not then invest more time on the majors. 

– Don’t mistake movement for achievement.  Busy, busy,  busy all day doing figure eight. There is no progress they keep coming back around where they started. 

-Be a student, not a follower.  Design your own personal life. Chart your own course and draw your own conclusions. 

-be your own person. You don’t have to be a model of someone else. You don’t have to do it like anybody else. Do it like yourself. Buy what you want to buy, listen to what you want to listen to, make changes if you want to make changes, and don’t make changes if that’s what you want. It’s your life. And don’t let anybody persuade you any different.

– The dignity of success choice. 

Success is not a stereotype. Success is not a Ferrari. Success is not an automobile. It’s not a house. It’s not a place. It’s not money in the bank. It’s not a million dollars. That’s not success. Success is the continual unfolding of the design of your own life and pulling it off. That’s what success is. Being successful in whatever you want to do that makes sense to you, for you and your family.

– Every life form except human beings operates by instinct in the genetic code. It has no multiple choice. 
-Only humans have multiple choice. In the winter the goose flies south. Why? Because he’s a goose. He can’t fly north. He couldn’t fly west. If you said to the goose it’d be better to go west this year, he ignores that advice. He keeps on flying south. Why? He has no alternative. He has no other way. He is only driven, as all life forms are driven, by instinct in the genetic code. Except human beings. Now why not human beings? Because we’ve been given the dignity of choice.
– We’re not like a robot. We’re not stuck like a tree, using up all the nourishment and, with nothing left, you die because you can’t change locations. Not true. Humans can go north, south, east, west. Humans can change and do anything they want to do. We’ve been given the dignity.

– Choices are however, influenced by what we read,  what we see and what we feed our brains with.  What do you read?  What do you watch on your leisure time.  Be watchful of the garbage that may influence your power of choice.