Success today #299

​The law of Vibration.

– In physics,  we learned that everything is in a state if motion.  There are vibrations everywhere. 

– The law of attraction is a secondary law and it’s primary law is the law of vibrations. 

– The law if vibrations states that,  everything moves.  Nothing is at rest.  We literally live in an ocean of motion. 

– Your brain does not think,  but you think with your brain.  As you activate your brain to cause a motion,  vibrations are involved  

– Vibrations dictate what you attract in life. If you are troubled and worried, you attract bad energy like fear. This may be why it’s said what you fear comes upon you. 

– Fear is actually a negative vibration caused by doubt and worry.  Solomon said, in all your getting, get understanding . Understanding drives away doubt,  worry and fear. 

-If you ask someone how they feel,  what they actually say is the conscious awareness of vibrations they are in. If someone feels wonderful,  he or she is in a good positive vibration. If someone is sad or complaining or not feeling well,  he or she is in a negative vibration.

– You will feel comfortable in presence of people with the same vibrations as you.  Happy people flock together,  complainers flock together,  successful people flock together.  You attract the company of those in the same vibrations as you. 

– Two miserable people will come together coz they are in the same vibration frequency.  They enjoy the same music…. 

– When someone goes to the woods,  they feel good and wonderful when they come back.  Why?  Because nature is in a perfect vibration. When you are sad,  run to the nature 😊

– We are in control of how we feel.  We have the choice to stay in a positive vibration.

– Put yourself in a positive vibration always. 

– You will attract to you whatever you are in harmonious vibrations with. 

– You are in control of vibrations you are in.  

– Today,  choose to be happy,  walk with happy people who are feeling wonderful,  never complaining,  courageous and grateful.  You have control over vibrations you are in. 
Good day. 😊