Success today #297


– Our ability to  establish a philosophy using our mind’s,  ability to think,  process ideas and information to determine a philosophy that dictate our dreams,  goals,  thinking, plan and time.  Only human can can develop a philosophy.  Other animals cannot reorder their lives.  They cannot change their paradigms. Establish a philosophy and change your income any time,  change your life any time,  change your location…  Go any direction.  You need to have a refined philosophy.  

– If you are failing,  blaming the government,  interest rates, traffic,  company, friends,  high taxes,  KRA… You are wrong. All these is wind,  what will take you somewhere.  This wind will take you somewhere but you need to have a control on what blows you.  You need to set on sail and head towards a definite destination else you will land on a rocky beach.  Let your mind develop constructive thoughts, develop ideas and make your life unique and worthwhile . Good books, this group,  school and learning is there to ensure you land on your desired beach. 

– Philosophy in this case means:

1. The sum total of what we know. Gather knowledge.  School and learning provide knowledge.  You gotta know.  Pay attention to information.  Being broke is bad but being stupid is really bad.  But what about broke and stupid.  Okay or ugly broke sick negative minded and stupid.  Worst life. What you don’t know will hurt you.  Hurt your future,  life,  relationship,  bank,  religion.  Ignorance is illness,  poverty,  devastation and tragedy.  

2. What you decide is valuable.  You can’t do all you know.  If it is valuable,  you put in time and money. 
Where can we get ideas and information? 

1. Personal experience. One way to know how to do it right is to do it wrong.  Learn from every experience.  Don’t let wrong experience take too long. Don’t work on an idea that is not working for long.  Change.  

2. Other people’s experience.  Listen to someone and save your tragedy. Learn and listen to their failures.   Learn from negative and positive,  failures and successes.  Find how each talk,  what each read,  what each blames. … Seek awareness. Pick information.  
How to get information. 
Observe what is going on.  Pay attention.  Learn some lesson before the day goes off. 
2.Listen.  So many voices want your attention.  Find a voice of value and listen to it.  Don’t waste time on the shallow and silly.