Success today #296


Easy means: something I can do. Something I have enough power and knowledge to do. 
The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.  This is the difference between success and failure.  You have the choice here today of one of the two easy.  Easy to  and easy not to.
Do not neglect the easy things to do persistently and you will succeed.  That’s the key. Find an easy thing to do and work hard in the easy. 
Neglect starts as an infection. If not treated,  it spreads like a disease. One neglect leads to another and another.  Neglect to use wisely your money will lead to neglect to how you use your time.  Neglect to do wise things with your time will lead to neglect to do wise things with your business or education.  Soon,  it will empty your power,  health,  pocket.  Neglect is indeed the formula for disaster.