Success today #293

​Power of choice 

Take on responsibilities or refuse them, it’s all up to you. We’ve been given the power of choice. 
Every life form except human beings operates by instinct in the genetic code. It has no multiple choice. Only humans have multiple choice. In the winter the goose flies south. Why? Because he’s a goose. He can’t fly north. He couldn’t fly west. If you said to the goose it’d be better to go west this year, he ignores that advice. He keeps on flying south. Why? He has no alternative. He has no other way. He is only driven, as all life forms are driven, by instinct in the genetic code. Except human beings. Now why not human beings? Because we’ve been given the dignity of choice.

 We’re not like a robot. We’re not stuck like a tree, using up all the nourishment and, with nothing left, you die because you can’t change locations. Not true. Humans can go north, south, east, west. Humans can change and do anything they want to do. We’ve been given the dignity. Make wise choices this week. Cheers😊