Success today #292

The garden and the spring. 

​Every clean garden must be attacked by weeds. If you plough a fertile land, clean it and prepare to sow seeds, for a while it remains clean. What happens if you leave it for 3 weeks?
Your mind is like a garden.  You have a good garden and it will be attacked so often by weeds.  You can’t afford to leave your garden unattended for long.  Weeds will kill and chock the good seeds you had down.  
A clean river has a clean fountain or spring.  A good character has a clean mind.  Your mind is like a fountain.  You choose to keep it clean or make it dirty.  Whatever you feed your mind will either make it dirty or clean.  
Poverty in all cases of life,  from poverty in character,  morals,  thinking and financial issues is due to failure to absolutely control over the material which reaches the subconscious mind.  Exercise today your full control over what gets to the subconscious mind.  Control your five senses and you will have control over your fountain.  
Good day.  Cheers 😊