Success today #291

​Do not neglect. 

The real challenge in life is to have good self confidence.  Good self confidence leads to good self esteem.  Good self esteem leads to a strong positive attitude. A positive attitude leads to positive thoughts and thinking.  Positive thinking leads to positive ideas.  Ideas lead to abundance when acted upon and action leads to success. 
The big question is,  how do you cultivate a good self confidence? 
Learning is the beginning of good health.  Learning is the beginning of wealth.  Learning is the beginning of good character.  Learning is the beginning of good self confidence.  
I walked around and noticed there are two kinds of seeds.  Good valuable and valueless seeds of seeds of less value.  If you pour grass seeds on a rock,  you will find them three days later.  If you pour a kilo of rice on the same rock,  you are likely to find nothing. 
Learning is like planting seeds in you mind garden.  You choose which type of seeds to plant.  Read fiction stories,  novels and watch movies and you will have planted valueless seeds.  Read instruction books,  read the Bible,  read powerful positive books and you will have a valuable mind. 
Do not neglect learning.  Do not neglect the contribution to all of us,  do not neglect the contribution to build your self confidence.  Don’t get lazy in learning.