Success today #290

​Educate emotions. 

Spiders,  crocodiles and butterflies do not have emotions but humans do.  Humans are driven by emotions while spiders are driven by instinct.  
Emotions determine what you will do.  Whether you took a bath this morning or not,  it was because of emotions.  
There are four different crucial emotions you must educate. 

1. Emotions about the past. This is how we feel about the past.  Some stopped dating because they were “dumped ” .. Some hate Chemistry because they once score 19/80. Some on the other side like football because they were well cheered.  Educate your past emotions by letting the past experiences be lessons.  Don’t make the past be like a clan to hit your present emotions. 
2. Present emotions.  How you feel now.  It is key to notice that present emotions are influenced much by our associations.  Associations can be described in two simple words.  1. Subtle. Why,  because associations will change you in a subtle way.  Hang around drunkards and soon you will wonder how you became one.  

2. Power.  Your power is a sum total of your associates. 
3rd emotion.  How you feel about the future.  Here,  you’ve got to see the future finished in advance.  This inspires you,  gives you confidence and power knowing you will have a brighter future.  However,  make sure the picture is clear. No one puts power on what is not clear. You will never pass exams if you don’t see yourself having passed. 
4th.  Emotion about yourself.  Low self-esteem  = low achievement. You must educate the emotions you have about yourself.  Teach yourself how to feel good about you.  Do good,  associate with good,  dress good,  talk good and keep time we’ll.  Simple.