Success today #289

​Question your associations.


1. Who am I around? 

2. What are they doing to me?  How you now talk,  dress,  read and where you are going. 

3. What have they got me becoming?  Is it mentally strong or emotionally unstable or positive minded  or successful or an idiot….. 

4. Is that okay?  If not okay,  do any of the three. 

a)  Dissociate.  Walk away.  I mean,  there are many other good associations you can start and control. 

b)  Limited association. Put distance.  You must associate sometimes with some people but you don’t have to spend whole day with them.  

c)  Expanded association.  Look for people who can add value to yourself and get more time to be around them.  Seek to spend more time with people you fear,  people who are of much value than you,  more learned and more skilled.  Spend more time in this group learning,  reading good books. 
Evaluate your associations.  Cheers 😊