Success today #283



1. Courageous. They have courage to make decisions quickly and change them not, courage to lead, courage to act, courage not to procrastinate, courage to face fear and any temporarily failure.
2. Have passion to learn. They are readers and always seek to learn from experience. They gain skills every time.
3. They are good planners. They plan a night away. J. Maxwell says ” Don’t start a day until you have finished it on paper ” . Write down every morning what you must do during the day. Don’t trust your mind, it will forget.
4. Mentally tough. You don’t just suggest any idea and they go along. They are always happy and know what to do. They think and use the power of imagination more.
5. Emotionally intelligent. I.e they are full of empathy..
6. Have a to do list.
7. Highly self disciplined. They are self starters. They get more done, they always lead and are responsible.
8. Confident and know their purpose. They have a clear picture of what they are aiming and heading to.