Success today #282

Reasons why you must have a purpose.

1. Without a purpose, you will waste your time a lot. You will find yourself waking up at 8/9/10 am.
2. Without a definite purpose, you will waste your money. You will buy unnecessary stuff, gamble, invest in adorning yourself with meaningless stuff, do unnecessary lots of nothing. Actually, you will always be broke.
3. Without a definite purpose, you will become a mediocre. You will be controlled by your natural and carnal mind. You will not think or imagine or dream of how to achieve something.
4. Without a definite purpose , you become lazy and always attempt lilliputian.
5. Without a definite purpose, you attract bad company. You inspect your friends and you realize none is actually heading somewhere or doing something meaningful.
6. There are many many other related disadvantages. I’d prefer we focus on the benefits.

I hope you now know, Big success most often begin with a definite purpose backed up with an emotion.

If you have a story behind your success so far, send it and let someone learn from your story.