Success today #281

Success today


How can one form a definite purpose and attach emotion, especially emotion of love? I tried to answer this question and I’d like to answer it giving an example.

” Ann loves her parents. She has always seen how they work hard to provide her with school fee, pocket money, food, clothing and all the emotional support she ever needs. They make sure she is always happy, comfortable, and cheerful. No one can take her calls at 3 am or call back apart from them. They mean a lot to her, actually they are everything to her maybe.

So Ann wishes to do something big, memorable and great to them. She goes on and decides to take her parents to Dubai during their anniversary. Just a beautiful surprise.

To do this, she knows that she need a couple of notes, which she doesn’t have but she knows people get paid for the problems they solve. She therefore employs her imagination and she realizes she has always earned some coins by writing poems and doing some photography. She takes the idea into action then works on a big scale, like thinking big.

Soon the plan is rolling ”

You can be sure Ann will be going to Dubai with her parents on a definite date. Even if her plans will hit the wall, she will wake up and pursue them or change plan and keep going. Why? She has a definite purpose, a definite goal and a plan attached with emotion of love.