Success today #268

“Hey 🙂
I wanted to share with you this powerful quote by one of my favorite heroes.  Jim Rohn :

“Here’s what I am asking you to do.

Walk away from the ninety-seven percent.

Don’t use their vocabulary, don’t use their excuses, don’t use their method of drift and neglect.

Won’t even walk around the block for their health. Won’t even eat an apple a day,won’t even take the time to refine their philosophy for a better life…walk away!

Walk away and join the three percent.

Take charge of your own Life.

Guess how many people can retire from the income of their our resources?

Answer is : Only 5%

In American, only 5% of the people are independent.

95% are dependent.

Take charge of your own retirement you can multiply it by 5. Let the government take charge of it you can divide it by 5 .. .

Take charge of your own day, don’t have days like most people have. You’ll wind up broke and poor. Pennies, no treasures. Trinkets, no values.

It starts as simple as an apple a day. It starts as simple as the first book in your new library.

It starts as simple as the first journal that you get and make the first entry that when people sit will say this is the beginning of the study of a serious student.

You’re going to be healthy, You’re going to be powerful, You’re going to be rich, You’re going to have it all.

Look, they’re commited themselves to a whole new journey
I’m asking you to do that…

But what’s easy to do, is easy not to do, walk away from the ninety  percent!

Don’t go where they go, don’t do what they do. Don’t talk like they talk. Develop your whole new language. Be part of the few.”

This was really powerful.
Have a wonderful day :-)”