Success today #253


they will tell.jpg

Take time to learn at the feet of dad,

Take time to hear what mum says,

Take time to think about their free lessons,

Remember to seek their councel.

They will tell the need and love of learning,

They will explain intelligence and wisdom,

They will say the standards and values,

Remember develop character that honor them.

Mum, how do I love and be kind?

Dad, how do I evaluate decision?

Mum, what makes a happy life?

Dad, teach me the power of character.

Parents wants us be worthy,

Parents never envious nor jealous of our success,

Parents are happy when we are happy,

Remember no one can replace their love.

Learn to always be in harmony and love,

Learn to value and and appreciate,

Learn to obey and hear their voice,

Whenever you shall live, be sure to have full view of trees, sky and land.

Children, love and honor your parents,

Even as you babble and blab out,

Children, use the power of love,

Even when irated and incenced.