Success today #237






Procrastination always stands at an arms length waiting for an opportunity to spoil one’s chance to succeed. It is because of it that many fail exams, or fail to marry when they should or fail to get opportunities or even miss heaven.

Many go through life of failure because they keep waiting for the right time. If there was a right time to do something worthwhile is now. Now is the right time to make decisions, to make goals, to make plans, to serve, to solve problems, to identify opportunities, to say thank you, to appreciate or even to call your lover and tell how you love her. Now is the right time. Time will never be ” Just right”.

Start with what you have at hand. Start where you are, start with the skills you have. If you know diffusion, mix chemicals and make soap, then commercialize, apply the think big rule and succeed. You will find better tools on the way. Do not stop fighting procrastination or else, failure will be a necessity.