Lack of a well defined power of Decision.


Powerful and successful people in society make decisions promptly and take time to change if they have.
Men who fail, reach decision, if at all, very slowly but often quick to change them.

Most often, indecision leads to procrastination. We will talk more about procrastination in the coming articles. It is however key to note that the world always seem to aid those who have made a decision on what to do. If you want to drive, you must make a definite decision. If you want to live in a good country in a good city, in a good estate, in a good house, with a good wife and kids, then you have to make a definite decision.

Always remember it is better to make a wrong choice and fail rather than not to make one at all. Learn to be quick to decide. Pilate finally killed Jesus because he failed to make a decision quickly on what he knew was right. Decide what you want to do early in the morning, at the start of a week, at the start of the year and be slow to change your decisions.