When Cate was 6 years old, his dad divorced her mum and left never to be seen again. Every day, she would sit and look at the gate, hoping dad will come back home. Everyday! A year passed, two and then five, ten but never did he come back home.

When Roy was 12, he fought with his best friend and during the fight, his friend said ” you are weak, you will never succeed, everyone hates you.” Ever since then, Roy believed so and he kept remembering those words which indeed later defined him.

John and Jane got married twenty years ago. They had big plans and goals. John had made many promises, from buying a car, moving to a good house, having their own house and many other promises. So, Jane always had big unrealistic expectations which when were not fulfilled, saddened her. Then she realized John had another kid before they were married. She hated John and hated and discredited everything he did. They kept living with him just because of the kids.

Sometimes in life, we hold on to what doesn’t help us move on. We hold on to unrealistic expectations, we hold on to fear, we hold on to hate over past experiences, we hold on to bullshit believes, we hold on to negative thoughts which often drive us to being negative thinkers, we hold on to past failures and let the failures define us. Let go! Could be hard but its never hard if you know what awaits when you let go.