Lessons from David.


– David was a successful man because he realized at a young age that there is a master who loves and guides him. Who has plans for him. He learned to yield fully and faithfully to Him. The big question is, have you learned to yield fully into His hands, and let Him drive you, give you victory and give you a happy life? Or are you straggling to survive by your own means, even unto doing what he commands not to do?

– David was a brave guy even from his youth. He was afraid inside but always he knew whom he served and who gave him strength. The reason why many always fail is because they are afraid. They are afraid to dare, to fail, to try or even to ask! It is key to know that Heaven cares a lot about our joy and happiness. We can never achieve success or victory unless we learn to be brave, holding and submitting fully to the master who will walk with us even in valleys of death.

– David learned to be a loving. If you ever read his friendship with Jonathan, you do know how he cared for him. All our actions should be based on love. Based on the principle, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

– Moreover, David knew who to seek advice from. He was a man enough not to go to the woman at Endor nor to hear from negative thinkers. Be a possibility, positive and prudent thinker.