Success today #226



We have privilege to develop beautiful character,
We have privilege to turn away inferior and cheap,
We have a privilege to rise to a high standards,
To be respected by men and beloved by God.

He gives us work of self governance,
He takes us to partnership in great work,
Like a father taking his son to partnership,
Why not choose to be called His friend?

We cannot depend on self for moment,
We need His strength and power,
We need his efficiency in all,
There is  positive need keep close Jesus.

He gives us opportunity to prove ourselves true,
We are indebted to Him for all our capabilities,
To Him belong power of body mind &_soul,
All must be accounted and beautifully used.

Persevere in the work until victory,
Educate yourself for a purpose,
Keep in view the highest standard,
That you may accomplish greater good.

Use and account well your time,
Use and account well your skills,
Use and account well your influence,
For you have higher capabilities.