Success today #225

One of the biggest reasons why many people never achieve much is because they fail. They fail over and over again until they give up. This often could be not because of low competence or poor character or lack of responsibility but a plan that does not work. What else could always contribute to failure?

1. Inability to organize details. A good leader or someone having an opportunity has to learn and master details. They have to know how to be master organizers. They must never be too busy to do anything which may be required of them in their capacity. When you admit to be ” too busy” you basically admit to be inefficient.

2. Unwillingness to be servants. ” The greatest among ye all shall be a servant of all”. One must be willing to render humble service. Avoid ordering or asking others to perform your duties whenever possible. You must learn to be a servant if you really want to succeed.

3.Working for money. This means working just for the sake of money. Working not because you have a dream or goal or plan or passion. Often, this will just push you to self sufficiency. You will however not be able to aid others. Let money work for you. You can do this buy buying assets and increasing your asset column.

4. Inability to invest in yourself. When you fail to invest in yourself, you also fail to improve your worth, your income, your successes ,your privileges, your competency, your performance, your efficiency, your personality, your knowledge and your character. Always work on your personal improvement. This way, you will never fear competition nor imagination to be the best. Remember, without imagination, you can never create higher grade plans.

5. Selfishness. Selfishness is like a virus. It eats success slow until it kills. Selfishness could include killing self esteem of others, claiming honors belonging to others, being mean, doing little or keeping to yourself what would benefit others.

6. Disloyalty. Being disloyal is like being lesser than dust. Who has ever seen a successful disloyal master? I ever joined a group lead by a disloyal untrustworthy leader. It failed! Be loyal if you desire success.

7. Expecting to be paid for what you know rather than what you DO with what you know. An engineer’s knowledge will never be paid unless employed to solve problems. Its is key to note that we are paid for problems we solve. Moreover, note that tittles does not matter much. A competent leader require no “title” to have respect.

8. lack of the right emotional state. If we are very committed to what we do, nothing can really bar us from achieving it. If a student is committed to get an A in chemistry, not much or rather, nothing can bar him or her from achieving.

These are some of the common faults that lead to definite failure.