Success today #224

I am .

Steve Jobs
Two kinds of people exist,
Leaders and followers exist,
I am a leader and love my followers,
I am a leader coz am intelligent follower,
I am a leader because I learn from leaders.

She is a leader too I know,
She has unwavering knowledge,
Knowledge of self and occupation,
She is full of self confidence,
Yes, confidence and courage.

We both can be good leaders,
For we are full of self control,
We know we have to control self,
Control self before controlling others,
Self control sets example for intelligent.

How can we command respect?
How can we retain respect from followers?
It is only through keen sense of justice,
Justice and fairness in our endeavor,
Employ keen sense of justice.

Good leaders know what definite mean,
They know how to set definite decisions,
They know how to set definite plans,
No guesswork nor wavering decisions,
Definite even in timelines!

Learn a good habit of doing more,
Do more than you can be paid for,
A leader is willing to do more than expected,
A leader does one more thing than everyone else,
A leader has a pleasing sense of more.

Who respects a low grade?
Who wanders after a low grade leader?
Who has ever followed a sloven careless character?
Who follows a disrespectful character?
Be of a pleasing personality.

We all love someone who knows us well,
Someone who understand us and see our beauty,
Someone who has sympathy but does not seek pity,
Someone who understand our problems,
Leaders are full of sympathy and understanding.

What can we say about him?
Mr responsible is always amazing,
Responsible for mistakes and failures even by followers,
Responsible but very competent,
Competent enough to stand even after the rain.

Leadership calls for power,
Power calls for cooperation,
Cooperation calls for principles,
Principles call for good character,
Character calls for focus and lovely personality.

NB: Never expect to have the same compensation as a leader if you are a follower, rather, be an intelligent follower, learn from leaders and rise to leadership soon. Its cool to be a leader.