Success today #223


temporary defeat

A man has a game plan.

A man has priorities. He knows what matters. He knows scratch that is not scratch for others. He does not go for average or mediocrity.

A man is hard working. He is ambitious, never walking and talking like a boy. Boys are not ambitious because they depend on “dad”. A man must be very visionary.

A man takes God seriously. Boys take church as a hobby and can easily slip.. But a man is a strong servant. A man is responsible even in tithes and offering.

A man makes decisions. Men are not emotional but makes decisions.

If in life, there are 5 questions to answer, a man will always answer all of them but a boy will answer one question very well.

A man knows how to focus. He has and always makes investments.

A man is very transparent of her income to her spouse or girlfriend. He is not suspicious .. He is focused and trusting. A boy is never transparent. He is always never trusting. However, a man knows who to trust and who to be transparent to.

A man is a leader. This is why the wife will always keep the standard of the man. If a man sets high standards, high standards will be maintained. To be a man indeed is to be a leader of a high standards. Families sometime go through trouble because the leader sets boy’s standard.

Two Bata marketers came to Africa. One said, there is no market in Africa coz no one wears shoes but the other said, there is a big market in Africa coz no one is selling shoes. You know who was the man.