Success today #222


success today 3

Part 2
-Man cares for the surrounding and not himself.
-Fashion does not make a man. A man is not about fashion but content, self sufficiency, self independent.
-A man looks forward but a boy cares about now only.
-Being a man is not about how you are seen but how you carry yourself.
-A man is a substance.
-Style is important is not what makes a man. It will rain but it will stop. How you pick up yourself is what makes a difference between a man and a boy. How you react, how you talk ..                                                                                                                                                                  -A man does all things in moderation, knowing when to stop. He has limits.
-Being a man involve listening to others. A woman wants what she thinks she doesn’t have. “She has her account and our account.” She gives problem when she has no access. -A man gives all and hides not what does not really matter I.e income or visa cards. He appreciates.
-A man goes beyond. Going beyond stereotypes. A man knows his brand. A man knows his hygiene.