Success today #226



We have privilege to develop beautiful character,
We have privilege to turn away inferior and cheap,
We have a privilege to rise to a high standards,
To be respected by men and beloved by God.

He gives us work of self governance,
He takes us to partnership in great work,
Like a father taking his son to partnership,
Why not choose to be called His friend?

We cannot depend on self for moment,
We need His strength and power,
We need his efficiency in all,
There is  positive need keep close Jesus.

He gives us opportunity to prove ourselves true,
We are indebted to Him for all our capabilities,
To Him belong power of body mind &_soul,
All must be accounted and beautifully used.

Persevere in the work until victory,
Educate yourself for a purpose,
Keep in view the highest standard,
That you may accomplish greater good.

Use and account well your time,
Use and account well your skills,
Use and account well your influence,
For you have higher capabilities.

Success today #225

One of the biggest reasons why many people never achieve much is because they fail. They fail over and over again until they give up. This often could be not because of low competence or poor character or lack of responsibility but a plan that does not work. What else could always contribute to failure?

1. Inability to organize details. A good leader or someone having an opportunity has to learn and master details. They have to know how to be master organizers. They must never be too busy to do anything which may be required of them in their capacity. When you admit to be ” too busy” you basically admit to be inefficient.

2. Unwillingness to be servants. ” The greatest among ye all shall be a servant of all”. One must be willing to render humble service. Avoid ordering or asking others to perform your duties whenever possible. You must learn to be a servant if you really want to succeed.

3.Working for money. This means working just for the sake of money. Working not because you have a dream or goal or plan or passion. Often, this will just push you to self sufficiency. You will however not be able to aid others. Let money work for you. You can do this buy buying assets and increasing your asset column.

4. Inability to invest in yourself. When you fail to invest in yourself, you also fail to improve your worth, your income, your successes ,your privileges, your competency, your performance, your efficiency, your personality, your knowledge and your character. Always work on your personal improvement. This way, you will never fear competition nor imagination to be the best. Remember, without imagination, you can never create higher grade plans.

5. Selfishness. Selfishness is like a virus. It eats success slow until it kills. Selfishness could include killing self esteem of others, claiming honors belonging to others, being mean, doing little or keeping to yourself what would benefit others.

6. Disloyalty. Being disloyal is like being lesser than dust. Who has ever seen a successful disloyal master? I ever joined a group lead by a disloyal untrustworthy leader. It failed! Be loyal if you desire success.

7. Expecting to be paid for what you know rather than what you DO with what you know. An engineer’s knowledge will never be paid unless employed to solve problems. Its is key to note that we are paid for problems we solve. Moreover, note that tittles does not matter much. A competent leader require no “title” to have respect.

8. lack of the right emotional state. If we are very committed to what we do, nothing can really bar us from achieving it. If a student is committed to get an A in chemistry, not much or rather, nothing can bar him or her from achieving.

These are some of the common faults that lead to definite failure.

Success today #224

I am .

Steve Jobs
Two kinds of people exist,
Leaders and followers exist,
I am a leader and love my followers,
I am a leader coz am intelligent follower,
I am a leader because I learn from leaders.

She is a leader too I know,
She has unwavering knowledge,
Knowledge of self and occupation,
She is full of self confidence,
Yes, confidence and courage.

We both can be good leaders,
For we are full of self control,
We know we have to control self,
Control self before controlling others,
Self control sets example for intelligent.

How can we command respect?
How can we retain respect from followers?
It is only through keen sense of justice,
Justice and fairness in our endeavor,
Employ keen sense of justice.

Good leaders know what definite mean,
They know how to set definite decisions,
They know how to set definite plans,
No guesswork nor wavering decisions,
Definite even in timelines!

Learn a good habit of doing more,
Do more than you can be paid for,
A leader is willing to do more than expected,
A leader does one more thing than everyone else,
A leader has a pleasing sense of more.

Who respects a low grade?
Who wanders after a low grade leader?
Who has ever followed a sloven careless character?
Who follows a disrespectful character?
Be of a pleasing personality.

We all love someone who knows us well,
Someone who understand us and see our beauty,
Someone who has sympathy but does not seek pity,
Someone who understand our problems,
Leaders are full of sympathy and understanding.

What can we say about him?
Mr responsible is always amazing,
Responsible for mistakes and failures even by followers,
Responsible but very competent,
Competent enough to stand even after the rain.

Leadership calls for power,
Power calls for cooperation,
Cooperation calls for principles,
Principles call for good character,
Character calls for focus and lovely personality.

NB: Never expect to have the same compensation as a leader if you are a follower, rather, be an intelligent follower, learn from leaders and rise to leadership soon. Its cool to be a leader.

Success today #223


temporary defeat

A man has a game plan.

A man has priorities. He knows what matters. He knows scratch that is not scratch for others. He does not go for average or mediocrity.

A man is hard working. He is ambitious, never walking and talking like a boy. Boys are not ambitious because they depend on “dad”. A man must be very visionary.

A man takes God seriously. Boys take church as a hobby and can easily slip.. But a man is a strong servant. A man is responsible even in tithes and offering.

A man makes decisions. Men are not emotional but makes decisions.

If in life, there are 5 questions to answer, a man will always answer all of them but a boy will answer one question very well.

A man knows how to focus. He has and always makes investments.

A man is very transparent of her income to her spouse or girlfriend. He is not suspicious .. He is focused and trusting. A boy is never transparent. He is always never trusting. However, a man knows who to trust and who to be transparent to.

A man is a leader. This is why the wife will always keep the standard of the man. If a man sets high standards, high standards will be maintained. To be a man indeed is to be a leader of a high standards. Families sometime go through trouble because the leader sets boy’s standard.

Two Bata marketers came to Africa. One said, there is no market in Africa coz no one wears shoes but the other said, there is a big market in Africa coz no one is selling shoes. You know who was the man.

Success today #222


success today 3

Part 2
-Man cares for the surrounding and not himself.
-Fashion does not make a man. A man is not about fashion but content, self sufficiency, self independent.
-A man looks forward but a boy cares about now only.
-Being a man is not about how you are seen but how you carry yourself.
-A man is a substance.
-Style is important is not what makes a man. It will rain but it will stop. How you pick up yourself is what makes a difference between a man and a boy. How you react, how you talk ..                                                                                                                                                                  -A man does all things in moderation, knowing when to stop. He has limits.
-Being a man involve listening to others. A woman wants what she thinks she doesn’t have. “She has her account and our account.” She gives problem when she has no access. -A man gives all and hides not what does not really matter I.e income or visa cards. He appreciates.
-A man goes beyond. Going beyond stereotypes. A man knows his brand. A man knows his hygiene.

Success today #221

Human brain is made up of more that 100 billion neurons. Different experiences create different connections which bring different emotions. Depending on which neurons get stimulated, certain connections become stronger and more efficient, while others may become weaker. This is what scientists call neuroplasticity.

Someone who writes code or says types the qwerty keyboard a lot, will create stronger neural connections that will link the two hemispheres of the brain in order to be fast and efficient typing or creative when writing code or algorithms. Virtually, any talent or skill can indeed be created with training, repetition and focus.

Moreover, emotional resilience or rationality are formed by the neurons and neural connections which can be strengthened. Remember whatever you are doing at any moment, you are creating or weakening or strengthening neural connections to improve the brain or make it serve you well and better. Be self aware.




steve j
Part 2.

Specific neurons and neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, trigger a defensive state when we feel that our thoughts have to be protected from the influence of others. It takes the brain to the same condition as when one is furious or that step we called gear one, on in the previous articles. Nonepinephrine chemical or rather hormones are released in the brain when we have difference in opinions or beliefs or when one’s survival is threatened. In this defensive state, the more primitive part of the brain, named limbic system interefes with our rational thinking and kick out the working memory. Physically, it causes narrow mindedness. This is why people who argue a lot on value less matters are always foolish or have low IQ. Remember such a state causes sturboness. Ideas which are very valuable or of his cost or quality are not even processed at this state.

When we express ourselves, and our views are appreciated, these defense chemicals or call them hormones decrease in the brain and dopamine neuritis missions activates reward hormones, making us feel happy, smile, empowered, have high self esteem. How then does one end up depressed? Or commit suicide? Self esteem and self belief are closely linked to the neurotransmitter named serotin. Whenthe lack of it takes in severe proportions, it often leads to depression, self destruction or even suicide. We all have to know how to keep a high self esteem. We ought to know the kind of belief we have of ourselves and what we belief.