Success today #212

Demand Again.

demand again
Never dream or think that great success comes by Hard work and honesty alone. Never! It always comes because of definite demands. Definite demand to achieve something or have some amount at a specific date. Forget about chance and lack. Organize ideas and principles of achievement you have learned then build a definite demand. Add to this determination, definiteness of purpose and desire to attain the goal.

It takes only a strong desire, determination and demand to overcome disappointments, temporary defeat, difficulty, discouragements, criticism and negativity. Always leverage the power of determination, demand and desire.

Moreover, learn to give life, action and guidance to your ideas. Grow the idea, nurse, entice and coax it. This way, you can let it build power, like a burning fire. How beautiful is an idea that is giant and filled with its own power!

Success today # 211


inside  procrastination

Part 2.

Procrastinators are also rational thinkers who decide to do something but the “instant gratification monkey” comes asap and drives away the focus into reading or discussing or watching what’s not important.

However, they have a dear dad who know how to push them walk out of play- fun- easy zone. We call him the ” panic monster”. All procrastinators have this dear daddy. He is very harsh and hard to them. Sometimes he makes them read 5 books at a go or write 100 pages over two days ( day and night). The problem is, he only comes when the deadline is close or when they realize they may face a public embassament. He is the only thing the “instant gratification monkey” is afraid of. He runs away when the monster shows up.

There are two kinds of procrastination.

1. With deadlines.

When there is deadline, the effects of procrastination are contained. The panic monster can drive away the instant gratification monkey and the work is done.

2. When there is no deadline.

These may include life careers, life goals, health goals, family or exercise goals. There is no deadline on when to visit the family, or when to start drinking 8 glasses of water or when start working on a skill. Its this kind of procrastination that is sometimes extending to lifetime and is less talked about! This could be the source of long time failures, unhappiness, regrets.. It makes people sometimes feel like spaketators in their own lives.

We are all procrastinators but we all need to be aware of “instant gratification monkey”. We have to keep chasing him with the “panic monster”. We have to develop a good relationship with deadlines. Be definite with all that you do or else, the instant gratification monkey will be your driver to hopelessness, failure and shame.

Success today #210

Inside procrastination.


Many students fail in exams because of the master procrastination system in the brain. Even many PhD students do fail. What’s inside the mind of a master procrastinator? What goes on in the head of a procrastinator.

In the mind of master procrastinator is what we can name ” Instant gratification monkey”. This is the kind of the mind which does not have a definite schedule for the day. It spends time on what is good for the moment like going to YouTube and watching what A socialite said today, what movies are out, read all kinds of posts in Facebook, reply all kinds of chats On Whatsapp… Blablabla. Moreover, it lives in the present, rarely having memory of the past and neither of the future. It only cares of two things.

1. Easy.

2. Fun.

In the animal world, this is huge success. That’s what they like doing and should. This “instant gratification monkey” does not know we are in a new world where we plan, see the future, do action and meet goals. It just wants us do whatever makes sense right now. Okay, its not bad to always do what makes sense like taking dinner, sleeping at night, catching up with friends but sometimes we have to do the hard work, what helps us meet the big picture.

Success today #209


success today8

Tell me the story of a young lad,
Tell me the story how he killed lions and bears,
Tell me the courage of using a sling and five stones,
Tittle-tattle and twaddle the story of his faithfulness.

It takes braveness in bravery to win,
It takes a song to build a sweet sound spirit,
It takes humbleness to build solid character,
Tittle-tattle and twaddle the story of his faithfulness.

Tell me the story of a shepherd,
Tell me the lessons learned beside the brook,
Tell me why the setting sun is beautiful with music,
Tittle-tattle and twaddle the story of his faithfulness.

Teach me to be courageous,
Teach me to be trusting and trustworthy,
Teach me how to love and love,
Tittle-tattle and twaddle the story of his faithfulness.

Success today #208



Breakthrough is a moment in time. Its a moment where something that was impossible suddenly become possible. And usually, what makes it possible is massive action. We all have managed to go through breakthroughs at sometime in life and today, we have things or goals or ambitions to break through. The following are three keys you need to realize a breakthrough.

1. Right strategy.

Let the mind seek the right strategies. There are many people who have managed to break through because of the strategies. Learn the strategies. The right strategy will save you 70% time and money. Its worth taking time to identify and research on the right strategy.

2. Right personal story.

This is the belief you have build about yourself by repeating over and over. It’s the story that your husband or girlfriend is not so good, it’s the story that your history is marred with failure, it’s the story that makes you seek pity from people, it’s the story that no one  has ever done it and thus you cant,..all such stories make up your belief system and bar you from the breakthrough.Hitler once said, ” Tell a lie big enough and long enough, soon people will believe you.” Some hitler their mind! You say you have tried everything??? Big lie. You say its impossible to succeed?? Big lie. You say you can’t change??? Big lie. The big thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep saying. Why don’t you tell a good story of your success, believe it and realize it! Devorce that story and marry the truth. The empowering story.

A young lady, while walking along a street in campus met Bill. (They had sat together during a common lesson and this lady had admired and liked this guy but didn’t say anything.) After the normal greetings, she asked him if they could have lunch next week on a Thursday. But Bill says no. What does the lady think? Maybe she has a girlfriend or stupid or not interested. She makes up a story. But in the guys’ world, a… no, basically means no! It does not mean not interested, or have a girlfriend or other bullshit stories. What about Friday? That would be a better question to ask.

A couple is driving and they come across a restaurant. The lady asks the guy, would you like a stop over drink? ( meaning I am pressed and we should stop over) The guy replies “NO”, and the lady gets mad. In the guys’ world, they say what is true but in the ladies’ world, they say what they do not mean, but give a glue of what they want.  Now you get how your own story can help you go or not go through a breakthrough.

3. State.

If someone gave you three assets. Everyday you feel like you are a money magnet. In a week you get what you used to get in three months. What happens? Your state changes,Your belief changes,Your emotions changes and Your friends change. But how good and better if you change now and realize the breakthrough. Change how you feel about your state. Change the state of the mind like from being negative to being positive minded.

Success today #206


from failure.jpg

Part one.

At some point in life, you must have failed. Maybe in your sales, in your company, in exams, in a job interview or something you really wanted to achieve. Sometimes you failed terribly.

Why did you failed? what reasons did you have for failing? Was it money, technology, leaders, contact or time? Or were you with the wrong people? All these are resources. Money, technology, people, time… All are resources. But, the problem is not actually resources, its the lack of resourcefulness in you.

The ultimate resourcefulness is emotional state. If you create the right emotions, you can have the resources. If you are passionate, creative, love, honest, desirous, ambitious, will you fail to find the right contacts? Will you fail to be around the right people? Nay! There is no way you can miss to find money even if you don’t have any but committed. Most do not have what they want because the lack the ultimate resource, the right emotional state.