Success today #219



Part 2.

There is a huge difference between failing and a failure. Do not ever confuse who you are with the results you produce. If things don’t work out as you wanted, that’s all. It does not define how many brain cells you have or how creative you are. Learn to do what you can to the best with what you have wherever you are. Remember to do the right thing, at the right place at the right time.

Hold on when you are faced with temporary defeats, hold on when things are not working out, hold on when you fail, hold on when its hard for a seed of success is going to spring from the hardship endured. Be sure to have a strong purpose to drive you through all these challenges.

There is a way in which the universe seem to aid those who have made a decision, those who have made a dream and are pursuing their goals, those who have chosen to love positive possibility filled mind, those who have decided to be in control of their life. Nothing usually works for those who have made no decisions.

So, is it possible to be successful? Is it possible to have a happy life? Is it possible to be self sufficient? The answer is yes! But the real question is,  have you made the decision?