Success today #218

Wake up!


Most people go through life pretending. They pretend that they don’t have goals, desires, success dreams when deep down their hearts, they know they want a happy life, life far from the rut, successful life. We block our ways to achieving joy with hopeless and helpless words, words we are never ever sure but let them control us!

There are a lot of places we wish to go,  a lot of experiences we wish, a lot of dreams we want to achieve yet we stop at ‘but’. ‘ But’ has become so intelligent than you are. It makes you hide in fear, makes you use fake and useless complaints and even made you inaction oriented. ‘But’ is a dream killer. Run away from ‘but’. Even a quantum law has explained well that at every moment, all possibilities exist but once we choose one, all the others cease to exist or drop of existence.

Do not tip-toe to your grave with the big ideas or chances you have. Don’t be like the many people who say no to things they don’t even know. Keep trying, fail a lot and even fast. Be like a failure seeking machine for that way, you will learn a lot. Most people who have achieved the biggest success have failed the most.