Success today #214

Its optimism.

its Optimism.jpg

Imagine you take two dogs and put them in two different areas, I.e boxes. You shock the first one and give it an option to escape. He tries to escape and he is successful and free from the shocks. The second dog, you can place in a place where no matter what he cannot escape. He soon figures out that there is nothing he can do. So, he gives up, sit down and accept the shocks.

Then, take these two dogs and put in two different new areas again, I.e similar box structures. However, this time, they both can escape. The first one know its possible to escape and will get out fast as usual. The second one will lay there and accept the shocks even though even in this new environment it could just escape. This is what we call learned helplessness or learned hopelessness.

Optimism too can be learned. Learned optimism is having the idea that you can learn to be optimistic and positive and happy. Psychology has proved that its the change from pessimism to optimism that cause the prevention of depression and anxiety. This is why you need to put all the effort to be positive. Keep suicide thoughts and it will kill you but if you keep lovely ,positive thoughts, you will live a lovely life. Optimism can be learned.

What are the benefits of optimism?

Optimism achieve more, give better health and enjoy life more.

Be aware of being a foolish optimist. You making loses or losing clients then you are busy thinking of being optimistic and investing more on what looks like a liability. Know when to take the responsibility and where optimism applies lest you be an idiot.

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