Success today #213

To Success..


-Only the mediocre die always at their best. Real leaders are always improving – Raising their bar on how superbly they can perform and how quickly they can move.

– I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be paddled by the shepherd.

-I am a lion, and i  refuse to talk, walk and sleep with the sheep. I will persist until I succeed.

-True greatness is giving responsibility to ability..

Be a source of possibility thinking.

– Let your coworkers know they are worthwhile and show them they all full of promise.

– Learn to give hope to others, you will be redeeming yourself.

– Be a person full of promise. Say I will do, I will achieve, I will be.

-Find discipline and organized ways and commitments to do the right thing.

– Success is not about perfection, its about progress. Are you making any progress? Where were you last week, last month, last year? Success is progress. Be progressive.

– Learn to set standards and stage for excellence. What platform have you for excellence?

– Demand from yourself to be the best, to achieve, to succeed.

– Do character defining of who you are. Look at yourself and see what you are, what you should do, think, think what is your next course of action? Assess yourself how you have played so far. Call it, half time. Reflect back, do the thinking and make definite decisions.

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