Success today # 211


inside  procrastination

Part 2.

Procrastinators are also rational thinkers who decide to do something but the “instant gratification monkey” comes asap and drives away the focus into reading or discussing or watching what’s not important.

However, they have a dear dad who know how to push them walk out of play- fun- easy zone. We call him the ” panic monster”. All procrastinators have this dear daddy. He is very harsh and hard to them. Sometimes he makes them read 5 books at a go or write 100 pages over two days ( day and night). The problem is, he only comes when the deadline is close or when they realize they may face a public embassament. He is the only thing the “instant gratification monkey” is afraid of. He runs away when the monster shows up.

There are two kinds of procrastination.

1. With deadlines.

When there is deadline, the effects of procrastination are contained. The panic monster can drive away the instant gratification monkey and the work is done.

2. When there is no deadline.

These may include life careers, life goals, health goals, family or exercise goals. There is no deadline on when to visit the family, or when to start drinking 8 glasses of water or when start working on a skill. Its this kind of procrastination that is sometimes extending to lifetime and is less talked about! This could be the source of long time failures, unhappiness, regrets.. It makes people sometimes feel like spaketators in their own lives.

We are all procrastinators but we all need to be aware of “instant gratification monkey”. We have to keep chasing him with the “panic monster”. We have to develop a good relationship with deadlines. Be definite with all that you do or else, the instant gratification monkey will be your driver to hopelessness, failure and shame.

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