Success today #210

Inside procrastination.


Many students fail in exams because of the master procrastination system in the brain. Even many PhD students do fail. What’s inside the mind of a master procrastinator? What goes on in the head of a procrastinator.

In the mind of master procrastinator is what we can name ” Instant gratification monkey”. This is the kind of the mind which does not have a definite schedule for the day. It spends time on what is good for the moment like going to YouTube and watching what A socialite said today, what movies are out, read all kinds of posts in Facebook, reply all kinds of chats On Whatsapp… Blablabla. Moreover, it lives in the present, rarely having memory of the past and neither of the future. It only cares of two things.

1. Easy.

2. Fun.

In the animal world, this is huge success. That’s what they like doing and should. This “instant gratification monkey” does not know we are in a new world where we plan, see the future, do action and meet goals. It just wants us do whatever makes sense right now. Okay, its not bad to always do what makes sense like taking dinner, sleeping at night, catching up with friends but sometimes we have to do the hard work, what helps us meet the big picture.


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