Success today #206


from failure.jpg

Part one.

At some point in life, you must have failed. Maybe in your sales, in your company, in exams, in a job interview or something you really wanted to achieve. Sometimes you failed terribly.

Why did you failed? what reasons did you have for failing? Was it money, technology, leaders, contact or time? Or were you with the wrong people? All these are resources. Money, technology, people, time… All are resources. But, the problem is not actually resources, its the lack of resourcefulness in you.

The ultimate resourcefulness is emotional state. If you create the right emotions, you can have the resources. If you are passionate, creative, love, honest, desirous, ambitious, will you fail to find the right contacts? Will you fail to be around the right people? Nay! There is no way you can miss to find money even if you don’t have any but committed. Most do not have what they want because the lack the ultimate resource, the right emotional state.


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