Success today #204



Part 2.

There is a law in quantum physics that say, at any point in time, all possibilities exist and the moment we focus on one, the rest cease to exist or drop out of existence. If you focus on identifying opportunities, you will always find them but if you sit and wait for one to pop up, they will never. Its like looking for a car pack in town. If you don’t focus on finding one, you will never get one. This is all because of the working of the reticulate activating system. The moment you focus, is the moment the brain kicks into action and your sight is activated to look for opportunities or the parking space. It is the brains ability to see and focus.

How are you using your reticulate activating system? Are you letting it help you see opportunities, ways to achieving, ways to succeeding, ways to being a good self sufficient person? Or are you just letting the mind drive itself by default? Letting it watch the negativity of life and things that do not add value?

What you focus on, you find. If you focus on people’s faults and weaknesses, you will always seem to see more.If you focus on talents, strengths and abilities yo will see more of that. Life is filled with good and bad things. If you ficus on the good, you will see the good. Remember all possibilities exist. You just need to know what to focus on coz it will make a difference between a life filled with limitations and an abundant life filled with success and happiness. What will you choose?.


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