Success today #203


success 3

Located in the brain stem is what is known as reticulate activating system. This system acts as a gate keeper to what goes into the brain. This part is very essential because every second, 2 million bits of data get into the brain. But, the brain has the ability to process 147 bits in a given turn. Therefore the brain only let’s in or processes what deems important and relevant. The brain therefore focuses on things which seem important and relevant to survival and well being.

How then does the brain know what is important and what not to focus? How does the brain decide what is relevant? How does it know what is crucial for survival? The only way is to asses what is contained in the external environment against what is in the long term memory. This include all your beliefs, experiences and conditioning. So if you belief something is impossible, even if it is possible or exists, you will not see it. If you belief you can’t get an opportunity to buy you a Range rover, you will never find the opportunity.

You however have the power to control the default system at the moment with the thinking part of the brain known as the frontal lobe. This is basically by choosing to put your focus and attention on what you want. What you focus on is what you find.


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