Success today #207

Steve Jobs Says.


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Success today #206


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Part one.

At some point in life, you must have failed. Maybe in your sales, in your company, in exams, in a job interview or something you really wanted to achieve. Sometimes you failed terribly.

Why did you failed? what reasons did you have for failing? Was it money, technology, leaders, contact or time? Or were you with the wrong people? All these are resources. Money, technology, people, time… All are resources. But, the problem is not actually resources, its the lack of resourcefulness in you.

The ultimate resourcefulness is emotional state. If you create the right emotions, you can have the resources. If you are passionate, creative, love, honest, desirous, ambitious, will you fail to find the right contacts? Will you fail to be around the right people? Nay! There is no way you can miss to find money even if you don’t have any but committed. Most do not have what they want because the lack the ultimate resource, the right emotional state.

Success today #205

Add Love.
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Add faith to your virtue,
To your virtue add knowledge,
To your knowledge add temperance,
To your temperance add patience.

Meet obstacles and overcome,
Overcome and be better day by day,
Fasten not eyes on difficulties,
Else you will be weak and faithless.

Add Bro kindness to your patience,
To your patience add strong character,
To your character add true belief,
To your belief add Love and be love.

Let every power go into days work,
Paddle and handle precious opportunities,
Value privileges and improve opportunities,
Be good and faithful to these opportunities.

Dedicated to Ruth .

Success today #204



Part 2.

There is a law in quantum physics that say, at any point in time, all possibilities exist and the moment we focus on one, the rest cease to exist or drop out of existence. If you focus on identifying opportunities, you will always find them but if you sit and wait for one to pop up, they will never. Its like looking for a car pack in town. If you don’t focus on finding one, you will never get one. This is all because of the working of the reticulate activating system. The moment you focus, is the moment the brain kicks into action and your sight is activated to look for opportunities or the parking space. It is the brains ability to see and focus.

How are you using your reticulate activating system? Are you letting it help you see opportunities, ways to achieving, ways to succeeding, ways to being a good self sufficient person? Or are you just letting the mind drive itself by default? Letting it watch the negativity of life and things that do not add value?

What you focus on, you find. If you focus on people’s faults and weaknesses, you will always seem to see more.If you focus on talents, strengths and abilities yo will see more of that. Life is filled with good and bad things. If you ficus on the good, you will see the good. Remember all possibilities exist. You just need to know what to focus on coz it will make a difference between a life filled with limitations and an abundant life filled with success and happiness. What will you choose?.

Success today #203


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Located in the brain stem is what is known as reticulate activating system. This system acts as a gate keeper to what goes into the brain. This part is very essential because every second, 2 million bits of data get into the brain. But, the brain has the ability to process 147 bits in a given turn. Therefore the brain only let’s in or processes what deems important and relevant. The brain therefore focuses on things which seem important and relevant to survival and well being.

How then does the brain know what is important and what not to focus? How does the brain decide what is relevant? How does it know what is crucial for survival? The only way is to asses what is contained in the external environment against what is in the long term memory. This include all your beliefs, experiences and conditioning. So if you belief something is impossible, even if it is possible or exists, you will not see it. If you belief you can’t get an opportunity to buy you a Range rover, you will never find the opportunity.

You however have the power to control the default system at the moment with the thinking part of the brain known as the frontal lobe. This is basically by choosing to put your focus and attention on what you want. What you focus on is what you find.

Success today #202



It is true you can’t control success but you can control the amount of failure. Jim says, if you pursue success, it will elude you like butterflies. You can’t chase failure. The most successful people are the ones who have failed the most.

Be like a failure seeking machine then. However, I don’t mean you go and like failure but try many possibilities. Sales people understand this well. They don’t give up even when turned down by 50 people. Why? Because they know after much failure, comes much returns. If they can reach more people, they can sell more policies.

Be willing to seek much failure, pain and hard work. The returns will always be joy, success and happy life. Don’t fear to work. Don’t fear failure.