Success today #201

Think Positive.

Think Positive

Everyone is born innocent,
Everyone is born with love and loves,
Everyone is good when a child,
But where do evil thoughts come from?

Why would a happy person choose sadness?
Why would a lovely person choose anger?
Why would a faithful christian choose evil?
When its sweet to be kind, loving and happy!

We all learn every day,
Every day we feed the subconscious,
The subconscious make our choices,
We feed evil and we become evil,
We feed joy, success, love and we become.

The brain works like a beam balance,
The more good you aim the less evil you become,
The more you think positive, the less you think negative,
The more you think “Triumph” the less you think ” defeat”.

Seek to feed the mind with good,
Seek to walk with good,
Seek to think and imagine good,
You were good even at childbirth and you belong to love, success, joy and good.


2 thoughts on “Success today #201

  1. Am I looking at the menu of some high end Chinese reauotrsnts?Sania, this is very impressive and I would love to taste it. I am sure one serving is not enough. hahaha.


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