Success Today #199



What is the aim and purpose of your life?

Are you ambitious for education?

Education that will bring you a name?

Education that will give you position?

So you may stand in the summit of intellectuals?

What are your aspirations?

Are you desirous for success?

Success that will bring happiness?

Success that will give you inner joy?

So you may be a blessings and healer to all around?

What are your aims and goals?

Are you aiming for high attainments?

Attainments that will lead you to high standards?

Attainments that will leave a mark?

So you may be an icon of greatness in your generation?

Aim for the best and greatest,

This way you will have high self confidence,

Spare no pains to attain high standards,

This way you will be a happy great person.

We will be glad to see you,

See you rise in to noble elevations God designs you reach,

Cultivate and develop your precious talents,

But no evil nor harm others.

What a fearful thing to hold talents in a napking?

We have high responsibilities to bear,

Accept fully and faithfully your responsibilities,

So you can fulfill life’s grand mission.


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