Success today #189


two kinds of people
Transforming you


Its quite interesting to know that we always make a goal or dream of something considering what we see. In this process of ” look-and-goal -it” we forget that to achieve, we must change from inside. Someone didn’t just meet an opportunity of lifetime. Something had to change from inside first.

Focus in the smaller internal changes, that lay the ground work for a much greater change and fortune. Its a small difference between grasping an illusion ( seen and set goal) and reality. Reality is what will liberate and transform you.

Consider the fact that each of us is unique, each of a different kind. At your childhood, you can’t explain why you were drawn to some subjects or laws of life or games or activities or music. As you grow older, you become inclined to accepting what your parents or friends or teachers say. To some point you may have become a stranger to yourself, not knowing what you really like or what to do. Even emotionally or intellectually. Your life task is to return to that uniqueness, to what you enjoyed. Reflect to your past inclinations. From these inclinations, determine a direction. Change inside and don’t look outside.

In research, if one can spend around 10,000 hours doings something, he will be a master of it, very creative about it. The best way to transform yourself is through your work. Not magically meeting some opportunity or someone. I know the day I’ll click 10,000 hours doing research on motivation I’ll be a master .. And creative and fluid in motivation. What are you working on to master?

The key to transforming yourself is YOU.

Treat People By Who You Are And Not Who They Are!!

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