Success today #183



“Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. Thoughts and feelings are like water that clean and pave way for you to flow along. When you think, its like you are sending out vibration, like a mobile making a call. These vibrations attract other vibrations back into your mind. Could be vibrations from someone else thoughts. This is why its said birds of the same feathers flock together.

Let’s take for example, am writing a book. In this book, many great people, CEO’s doctors, MPs, pastors, engineers leaders and many great people will write something. I am thinking, (creating vibrations) that I want to sell 1 million books. Soon, more people with same vibrations, people who wish to play part, will come in. If my vibrations are strong enough, it will attract many strong or even stronger vibrations, people, who will play a role to see I sell a million books.

I now understand why if you have 5 friends who are millionaires, you are likely to be the sixth. If you are friends with 6 thieves, you are the seventh. This is because you share same thoughts, same vibrations and thus shape your reality in the same way. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality.”


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