Success today #178

Success Today45
Be street wise AND class wise.


1. Be street wise and class wise. There is something beyond class. And also, there is something beyond the street found in class. Be wise in class and the street.
2. Be action oriented. Do not be lottery dependent as many are today.
3. Be futuristic. Have future thinking. Average people spend a lot of time talking of old good days. Think about the future, what is the next big thing?
4. Be wise when choosing friends and who to hang around with. Don’t be with idlers who will say its impossible. If you hang around 5 CEO s, you will be likely the 7th. If you become friends with 6 thieves, you can be sure you are the 7th thief.
5. Act autonomously, independently. If you have finished high school, you aught to have developed the skill. Don’t be too dependent on your parents and guardians. Learn to stand alone.
6. Have the skill of solving disputes. Value others, respect, have a high EQ.
7. Show me a person contented with mediocrity, and I will show you a person destined for failure.
8. Success and happiness go hand in hand. Success is getting what you want and happiness is wanting what you get. Learn to look for the two.


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