Success today #172

Negative thoughts.

young african woman enjoying piggyback ride on boyfriends back
Positive thought are the basics of higher thought abilities.

Many psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, doctors, teachers, professors and many people have written a number of effects of negative thoughts. A doctor will tell you negative thinking will kill you, a teacher will tell you negative thinking about a subject will help you fail terribly. Here are a few defects of negative thoughts.

-A less worthwhile life instead of a more worthwhile life
-Less confidence instead of greater confidence
-Lower self esteem instead of higher self esteem
-Less happiness and enjoyment instead of more happiness and enjoyment
-Less feelings of strength instead of greater feelings of strength
-Less energy instead of more energy
-Less peace of mind instead of more peace of mind
-Less success instead of more success
-Less enjoyable social interactions instead of more enjoyable social interactions
-Less health benefits instead of more health benefits
-Less clarity of mind instead of greater clarity of mind: since you have a choice, it doesn’t make much sense to think in negative ways that hurt you rather than positive ways that help you.

Run, run, run, run, run. Run away from negative thoughts. Never at any time entertain negative thought of any sort.:blush:


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