Success today #166

There are two kinds of knowledge.

two kinds of people.jpg

1. General knowledge.
2. Specialized knowledge.

No matter how much one has general knowledge or how diverse and great it is, it does not help much in the journey to success. General knowledge is best illustrated by the knowledge we gain in school. We learn a lot of mathematics for example but if we don’t specialize it, it becomes of little use. The composition writing skills if not specialized, will be lost. Most professors are not very successful because they teach knowledge but do not organize and make use out of it.

Knowledge is not power, but potential power. It is power only if its organized and connected to make something out of it. Many make a big mistake of going to school to gain knowledge but not to use that knowledge into action. The key point of being is school is to identity a way of using the general knowledge gained.

We need specialized knowledge to succeed. We in fact need know more than we can imagine. Specialized knowledge gives you a fortune, that’s why its power. However, its not a must be in your mind but be available .

Choose to go for specialized knowledge. The history and stories in some books may not help much in achieving success.


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