Successtoday #154


Selling and buying is always and will always make part of our lives. However, its when we buy that we earn profit. Once you buy something, you must sell. Even when you create something, you must sell. You have to seel your opportunities and even sell yourself to your clients. Let’s have a look at the seven fundamentals of selling.


Prospecting is finding the right people to get involved in your product. In finding, you must design your own technique of prospecting. Could be making call, sending emails, going door to door or in person. You must realize that the more people you see, the more income, the more sales you make and the more you excel in your sales.


This is the impression you give when you first meet a person. Today people judge you rapidly than ever before. First, verbally. How you greet, the language you use and how fluent you are. Second, how you look. How you dress, how tidy and clean you are..Here, you must learn how to develop a good original contact.


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