Success today #161


Many people usually refer the brain as the engine to the body. It however has three main parts. Let’s call them Level one,  level two and level three. Each level has its scientific name. These three level can be equated to the car gears. Gear one for level one, gear two for level two and gear three for level three.

The mind is said to be in level one under the following conditions.

– Stress
– Demeaning
– Punishment
– Confrontation
– Scolding
– Fear.
– Exposed fights.
– Negative thoughts.
– Danger.
– Sexual behaviors.

All these conditions and of the same type have slow vibrations in the mind. It makes the body strong, and most often it produces fight and flight hormones. This level is equated with gear one because its the strength level. It’s key to note that there is no thinking or planning in this level. This is why a man who is sexually aroused or angry looks like a fool and can make weird decisions.


Part two.

Level two represent the part of the mind that deals with emotions. All kinds of emotions are dealt or evoked here.

Level three is the part of the brain that deals with:
– Reasoning.
– Decision making.
– Memory.
– Knowledge.
– Intelligence.
– Reasoning.
– Positive thoughts.

The brain evokes fast fast vibrations. Its at this level that the human brain is efficient, fast, capable and can be of great use. When you take drugs like alcohol, this is the part that is destroyed and the brain downshifts to level one.

The big question is, what gear do you want to drive your body at? Every person who aim to succeed in life must know he ought to drive at the highest speed. He or she ought to keep his mind in level three. When old people look back and see the effect of the mind, the effect of these levels, they wish they knew where to keep the mind and what not to let the mind dwell on. They regret if they did spent their life gossiping, being stressed or dwelling in fear.

– Reduces neural growth.
– Learning inhibition.
– Impaired learning.
– Hard time in remembering.
– Hard time to make right choices.
– Hard time to make plans and goals.

Never let your mind linger in factors that bring your mind to level one. It will take you long to succeed and excel. Dwell in level three and I guarantee success in very few years.


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