Success today # 160


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Let’s compare the human mind and computer.
Can hold 250 000 pictures, 20000 songs, and hundreds of full length videos. Nowadays even on the size of the finger.. The flash. Crazy.The mind.
The mind can perform an estimated ten quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) number of operations per second without even you knowing it. Wild.
Ask yourself, what is making your blood flow throughout all your veins, with the perfect amount of pressure to keep you alive. What is keeping the cells alive and at the right position? Are you consciously commanding your heart to beat at the right rate? Nay! What is keeping your body temperature to the perfect degree to keep you alive? What is doing the 6 trillion things to your 60 trillion (60,000,000,000,000) cells every single second? Its something called the subconscious mind.

Of all the things the subconscious mind can do, it can’t do one thing, and this thing can help you to attract good things, success into your life or can actually demolish. What is this one thing? It can’t distinguish between a REAL thing and something you THINK about ! Sounds ridiculous right? What happens when you have a dream at night, like a nightmare maybe? You wake up sweating and your heart is pounding hard and anxious. You were sweating but not in danger, you physically reacted as if it was a real situation. This can also be proved with the placebo and nocebo effect.


Part two.
Research shows that a minimum of 1/3 of our medical treatment is basically due to the believe that its going to work. Even surgery. The placebo effect. Nocebo effect can be illustrated by the fact that the mind can contribute to illness instead of curing. The believe that one is going to develop a disease will actually cause the symptoms of it.

Long time ago my dad told me a story of a man who was told he was looking too slim and very sick that he was about to die. He was told the same thing by more than 30 people along a length of 2 km road. Guess what happened to him.. The nocebo effect.

Whatever the believe you hold in your mind, will become a reality. Bottom line. Yo choose 2-4 % of what to do. You actually make the decision. 96-98% you don’t! Your subconscious mind controls the decisions. Take a cake or the best and yummy thing and place in front of you, then snap your fingers and enjoy.. You will not of course. That means you didn’t make that choice. What we choose to do 96-98% is basically due to what we hold predominantly at the back of the mind. We are attracted in life to what we hold at the back of our conscious mind. You will never know the name of a logo unless you are attracted to it. You will not know mathematics formula unless you are attracted to it. You will not see the good in others unless you are thinking or attracted to the good in others.


Part three.

everything you are exposed to shape your subconscious mind. What you see, hear, taste and feel is shaping your subconscious mind. Take for example the television. If you are watching murder or sexual scenes or dancing, all are sinking into your subconscious mind. Don’t be tricked that they are not real. Remember, the mind does not perceive so as explained earlier. Don’t be fooled. Everything even what you listen in the radio, the arousing songs and even the sad/bad songs sink deep in your subconscious mind and will shape you. It will make the 98% decisions you are not aware making.

Our thoughts create us. We have to be extremely careful with what we are feeding our minds with. Music can be good and positive but can also have a negative impact in your life. Choose wisely.

what happens when you gossip? In order for you to gossip, you have to hold a negative memory and a negative thought onside your mind. You not only think about it but you share with other person you are talking to. The second you hold negative thoughts in your mind, the biochemistry of your brain changes and you release cortisol, the stress hormone into your blood which then weaken your immune system, inhibit action of white blood cells, increase chances of infection and even promote weight gain. All from gossiping all from your thinking. You can’t gossip without hurting yourself. Our thoughts create us.

Averagely, we have have more that 60,000 thoughts every day. You must be keen on whether these thoughts are positive or negative. Most often what we think today is different from what we thoughed yesterday. If negative thoughts are dominant, most often they are thoughts accumulated over time. Sometimes even over 20 years. You find someone still angry of a husband or wife who did a mistake twenty years ago. The second we have these negative thoughts, the second we release cortisone, stress hormone and its the second we reduce the immunity too. Our thoughts indeed create us.


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