Success today #159

The Mind

Everyone says man is the master of his destiny. Why is he the master? Does this mean you can do what want and achieve it?

You can be your own master because you have the power to influence your own subconscious mind and achieve infinite intelligence. You also have the ability to influence your environment.

A story is told of a pastor who was hated by all the church members. They were even willing to pay him his salary for the next six months and provide transportation. The leader of the church dealing with pastors and posting of pastor decided to visit the church and meet the board. Everyone was happy. The first thing the leader asked the committee was to write down all the good things the pastor had done..even as little as being smart, having a beautiful humble wife, keeping time when preaching… Everyone took time to at least think of a point. Then they were asked to write the bad things. Every one was expecting the questions, so in within no minutes, they were done. When the list of good things was compiled, it was found that he had 48 good things and 5 bad things. The board ended up in tears.

Sometimes we focus on the negative things and the mind makes the positive look like noise. Its this mind, that makes a family happy or sad.. Its the same mind that makes you believe you can be successful or a mediocre. Train your mind to look at the good and your life will be good and in addition, you will be a good person.


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